Bloggers in Nigeria are countless and still counting.
After the success story of the richest Nigerian female blogger "Linda ikeji", Many people have decided to diverse into blogging in Nigeria.
However only some few blogs in Nigeria can be said to be successful with their net worth.
Here is the list of Top 5 Richest Nigerian Blogs.

1. Linda Ikeji blog: Linda Ikeji blog is a popular Nigerian blog ownerld by "Linda ikeji" with an estimated net worth of 3.2 billion Naira its noted as the No1 best Nigerian blog for gossip and entertainment.
Linda Ikeji is also known as an influential youth.

2. Nairaland: Ceo of Nairaland is Seun Osewa, A programmer,blogger and Nigerian Enterprenuer.
However Nairaland is not known as a blog but as a Nigerian forum. But since it's said to be a place to get latest update. It's been a blog too.
Seun Osewa has an estimated net worth of over $10million and owns Nairaland since year 2005.

3. 360Nobs: Noble Igwe is the CEO and founder of 360nobs, A Nigerian entertainment blog founded in 2009.
He has an estimated net worth of $7million.

4. Notjustok: Talk about Nigerian music blogger, Talk about popularity, Talk about  richest Music download site and I will call one person for you. CEO Notjustok is Ovie
His tag is in almost all Nigerian music titled "More music at Notjust
He has brought popularity not only to himself but to Nigerian singers and rappers he has an estimated net worth of  $5million.

5.Ogbongeblog: A Nigerian tech blogger and CEO of is Jide Ogunsanya A Nigerian blogger who started Ogbongeblog in 2008 with a networth of $3million and won the best tech blogger in 2012.

As a small or growing business owner, you would want to wary on how you can make advertisement or know which is the best between online and offline advert.
Well, Offline advert like Radio/tv advertisement would favor some business owners, Meanwhile for some it will be waste of time and money.
So, I'll like to be talking about 5 Good and tested Online Platforms to advertise your product or businesses.

1. Google Ads word :  Known as the Grand Master of Online Advert.

Since it has been noted a is the biggest search engine in the world, It uses it search words to display advertisement inorder to rank first page on some set of keywords.
It terms of charging is PPC (Pay per click) Which means you only pay when you get a click to your URL.

2. Facebook Ads: Out from Experience, I've been using Facebook advertisement for a very long time and it's been generating income.
You don't really need to be an expert when advertising on Facebook platform.
Facebook ads work similar to traditional Pay Per Click advertising (pay only when someone clicks on your ad), but the great thing with Facebook is that you can add an image or video along with your text.  Even if people don't click on your ad, you're still getting lots of great exposure to a targeted audience for free.

3. Pinterest Advertising: 
Pinterest is a very interesting platform, driving more traffic and sales for many businesses than other social ad platforms.  Pinterest an advertising tool called Promoted Pins.

You can buy Promoted Pins for all of your marketing goals:

  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Traffic
.  If you have a business that targets women and you can create visually appealing graphics, Pinterest can be a a top performing ad platform for you.  They also offer social analytics to measure the success of your ad campaigns.

4. Instagram Ads
Ever since they purchased Instagram, Facebook has been trying to figure out a way to monetize the platform.  They have been experimenting with different ad formats and will be opening advertising to everyone in the near future.  Advertising was originally reserved for big brands but has since opened up to everyone via a self-serve platform.
You can also create and run your Instagram ad campaigns directly inside the Facebook Ad manager, where one of your targeting options is now Instagram.  The great part about it is that you do not actually need an Instagram account to target Instagram users via the Facebook Ad platform, though I suggest you do.

5. Bing Ads
Similar to Google Ads words.
Microsoft uses thier search engine for Advertisement. It has a low audience, but the cost rate is low and can save you more money.
Over the past few years Bing Ads has made great strides in improving their ad network as well as making it easy for business owners to run their own campaigns.  Bing Ads offers free advertising credits but they can be hard to come by.  If you go to the link below and submit your site to their search engine, they will offer you an advertising credit for trying it out.

If you haven't tried online Advertisement, you should try one of these it's really cool to Make your product or businesses seen by Online users😉.
Also check out TheFreshreview

As a teen tho, I've been through secondary school and I've seen how it is.
The bad onces are involved, the goods one are involved, the bad ones claiming good are involved and the good onces claiming bad too.
This is something everyone must experience even if you're not a victim but a witnesser.

He wanted everything 
He wanted the whole world to himself 
He is greedy 
He doesn't care about others

He started from stealing in class
Eating other's food
Stealing notebooks
Forming a crew at the back seat of the class

He makes jest of teachers
He never listened to lessons in class
He never read his notes
He makes jest of the serious ones

Yes, he has his ways
His ways of passing the exams
He cheats in exam
Tells everyone he doesn't need to read to pass

Little did he know 
That his actions would boomerang 
He cheated his way out of secondary school 
But couldn't cheat his way in higher institutions 

His parents gave up on him
He ran from home
He wanted to be independent 
He met new friends

His new friends are armed robbers 
He loved their work
He joined them
He started carrying arms 

They became wanted 
They were on the run
Eventually he was caught 
His friends escaped 

He was behind bars 
He ruminated on his past 
Thought if he could've just run back in time 
He'd have made things right

He thought he shouldn't have cheated 
He should've listened 
He should have been serious with his life 
But it was all too late.

Hello guys Today I will be sharing you thought of my weather forecast project.
Recently, I always thought of knowing how the day would go or know when it's gonna rain or if the weather is bad.
So I just came up with a JavaScript API that checks round the globe🙂 and gives you result based on the location you inputted. Isn't that nice?
I can't wait for you to check out this project.

Source code available

Hello guys, Today I will be talking about how a simple tic tac toe game can be made. Or popularly known as three wise men.
So I have the source code with me and I will be sharing for free!.
 Now let's get started.

Step1 : Download the zip file and unzip it

Step2 : Open the game.html file and make some changes you want example: the images but (be careful).

Step3: Study the codes and try to make something similar or something grrater than mine.

Step4 : Run the game.html code on your browser.

So as simple as that

See the source code of the game right here


Try to make a comment if the code suits you well...

Watch  preview here

Xbuzznet releases the best friend search system, that allows people search for nearby friends by kilometer and get search results.
The video below shows you how it's made.
Xbuzznet connects you with your nearby friends to chat up with.

If you haven't joined you can get the app now  on

Good day everyone,
Xbuzznet as a social media deals with connectivity. Here are 10 awesome features xbuzznet have.
And this makes it different from other social networks.

10. Forum:

Just as the name sounds "Xbuzznet" it deals with connection of two or more different people.
The forum section is a general activity section where people meet and share tough,ideas,jokes and lots more. It includes different categories and section for people to create posts and make replies. this URL is found on

9. Games

Xbuzznet as a connectivity social network creates a community for users to play games with thier level saved.
You can locate in

8. Movies

Xbuzznet has a movie section where it's users can watch favorite TV shows and movies adventures with family and loved ones.
You can locate in


Xbuzznet allows users to send gifts as stickers.
Show your loved ones how much you truly care by sending them gifts from our various unique selections.

6. Trending

This is the section that display top trending hashtags (#) used on xbuzznet for a week.
All topics with hastags are been made on the trending centre based on thier level of usage.
Wanna make your hastag popular? Post more.


This is a very unique feature added to xbuzznet.
The market centre allows users to sell thier goods and products on the social network free of charge.
Buyers are encouraged to buy the product from sellers.
Indeed xbuzznet is a market place for vendors, resellers and consumers
Locate this section at

4. Blog 

This a a section benefitable for article writers, journalist and as well as bloggers.
To publish thier well written articles to get read by the public.

3. Verification

With the rise of fake pages,websites,account and groups. Consumers are becoming increasingly wary of where thier contents or goods comes from. They want to know they are interacting with real people and real businesses. So the easiest and greatest way to earn trust and prove to your audience is by verifyng your business or personal account or page. You will recieve check mark once you are verified and your audience will know its no imposter thier looking at. A verified xbuzznet account appears in higher search result and increases your page or account potential for reach and engagement.

2.  Search nearby friends

Xbuzznet makes it possible for users to search and discover closed friends by kilometer.
When you're feeling bored?
Search for nearby friends around you,chat with them and hangout together.
Such a nice feature.

1. Privacy

Users privacy has been our no 1 priority.
Xbuzznet makes settings for users to control thier account settings and make privacy superb.
Users can achieve this with the following.
1. As a user you can choose to close your chat section. This is made if you no longer want people to make coversations with you
2. You can track logged in devices to your account and quickly disable any suspicious logins
3.You see post to only people you follow, To avoid seeing unrelivant posts from people.
And much more

Here are more amazing screenshot you'll love to see